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Aims & objective of the organization

  • To promote and assist in the formation of artisans as economically viable groups.
  • To organize rural destitute women and provide them skill training for producing handicrafts as an additional source of income for their family.
  • To promote thrift, savings, self-help, self-governing practices among artisans in the management of their daily affairs.
  • To empower the women economically and socially.
  • To create employment opportunity for divorced, widowed and neglected women ONLY.
  • To initiate welfare activities for the poor people as an educational, mother & childcare facilities.
  • To establish charitable and development founds for well being of poor artisans irrespectively.

You want it...we make it

Just comes to us. It is so easy for us. Draw yourself a picture of bag or as well and send it to us. We will take care of all requisites to the creation of your products. So, take advantage of our offer, and your success will prove, you made the right choice.

Socio-economic assistance

  • Export handicraft products.
  • Artisan security fund.
  • Small grants for sick, education and disaster support.
  • Advance payment for product’s material.

Our commitment

  • Fast response & good service.
  • Control timeframe.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Innovation products.
  • In house sampling.
  • Bio-degradable products.
  • Your own designs are welcome.
  • Creating together and working together.